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As we jump into the fall season, it is important to have all of the products needed to prepare your water garden for the cooler weather. Whether you plan to keep your pond running during the winter months or pack up your equipment until spring, having the right pond supplies will ensure your pond will keep running properly for many season changes to come. is your one-stop shop. We carry a complete line of pond vacuums, pond skimmers, pond filters and more to keep your water garden safe this season.

As the temperatures start to dip and the leaves begin to fall, there are measures to take for continued pond health. A pond skimmer collects stray leaves and other floating debris from the surface of the water, keeping your pond clean. Heavy leaf fall can clog a skimmer, so be sure to check on it often. Leaf netting prevents pond skimmers from getting clogged in the first place by capturing stray leaves with a net. Nets can be made to scoop up leaves or to lay over the entire to pond to prevent them from falling in. A pond vacuum is perfect for cleaning algae blooms, fish waste, dead leaves, and other dirt that may collect at the bottom of the pond.

Keep your fish and plants in mind too. Special precautions should be taken to care for them in the cooler months. Fish need protection as well as certain foods, and plants should be prepared. If you keep your filter running through the winter, you must take precautions against freezing with pond de-icers, heated hoses and other winterization pond supplies.

No matter what’s on your to-do list to prepare your pond for fall and winter, just remember is your headquarters for seasonal water garden and pond supplies. We carry a complete line of high quality pond supplies as well as products that you can customize to fit your unique pond needs.

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