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Airmax Pond Dye Packets

Manufacturer: Airmax
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530356-Airmax Nature's Blue- 2 Packets
Airmax Nature's Blue- 2 Packets
Treats up to 1 acre pond, 4-6' deep
SKU: 530356
 530359-Airmax Black DyeMond- 2 Packets
Airmax Black DyeMond- 2 Packets
Treats up to 1 acre pond, 4-6' deep
SKU: 530359

Airmax Pond Dye Packets is the same concentrated formula as the Airmax Pond Dye packaged in easy-to-use water soluble packets. This concentrated formula allows 2 packets of Airmax Pond Dye to treat like a gallon of a competitive liquid dye. Each shade of Airmax Pond Dye provides the same reliable protection and can be selected based on your personal color preference.

  • Nature's Blue is the ideal color for decorative ponds as it contrasts perfectly with lush green landscaping
  • Black DyeMond creates a mirrored surface which beautifully reflects surrounding trees and natural rocky landscapes making it perfect for natural ponds in wooded areas

Airmax Pond Dye is a completely natural product. When used in accordance with label directions pond dye is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.

Pond Dye Packet Dosage Rate:

Use 2 to 4 packets per surface acre, 4-6' deep every 4-8 weeks or as needed.

  • 2 packets treats up to 1 acre pond, 4-6' deep
  • 4 packets treats up to 2 acre pond, 4-6' deep
  • 16 packets treats up to 8 acre pond, 4-6' deep

How To Apply Pond Dye Packets

Do not open packets. Simply toss packet in several areas around the pond - no mixing required. Two packets of Airmax Pond Dye Packets is equivalent to one gallon of other pond and lake colorants.

When To Apply Pond Dye Packets

For year-long beauty, apply in early spring. Water temperature has no effect on Airmax Pond Dye Packets and should be applied monthly or as needed to maintain color. Heavy rain and/or intense sunlight may require additional treatments of pond dye.