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Alpha PVC Pond Liner Adhesive- Gallon

Manufacturer: Pond Liner
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Approximate 150' of Seaming

The vinyl cement (bodied adhesive) provided by Alpha Liner is for use as a contact adhesive for PVC-based vinyl products.This adhesive type is commonly called a Bodied Adhesive.

When properly applied, tests show the adhesive provides a super-strong, waterproof, flexible bond for PVC geomembrane materials. It is highly resistant to temperature and weather extremes and is excellent for patching and sealing PVC geomembrane.

Clean both surfaces before cementing. For optimum results, the adhesive should be applied with a brush, although a roller may be used.

  • Color: Clear
  • Solvent: (Clean Up) MEK
  • Storage Life: One Year
  • Effect of Freezing: Keep from Freezing
  • Extremely Flamable: Use in a Well Ventilated Area

** Requires Haz-Mat Shipping. Must Ship via Ground Service

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