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Anjon Variable Speed Pond Pump Control - 15 amps

Manufacturer: Anjon Manufacturing
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  • Optimize filtration performance and minimize energy use. Increase flow rate when algae growth peaks; reduce flow at nighttime or in cooler temperature
  • Increase or decrease waterfall flow and splashing sounds to match your mood; cranked up for a lively pond-side party or gentle flowing water and soft sounds for quiet, reflective times
  • Regulate water flow through UV clarifiers, fountains, bubbling boulders, etc.
  • Save energy by eliminating energy-wasting ball and gate valves that reduce water flow but do not cut pump speed, energy usage

Anjon Variable Speed Pond Pump Control works with:

  • Anjon Monsoon Pump MS-550
  • Anjon Monsoon Pump MS-800
  • Anjon Monsoon Pump MS-1200
  • Anjon Monsoon Pump MS-1600
  • Anjon Monsoon Pump MS-2000
  • Anjon Monsoon Pump MS-3000
  • Anjon Monsoon Pump MS-4000
  • Anjon Monsoon Pump MS-5200
  • Anjon Monsoon Pump MS-6100

Cannot be used with Anjon Monsoon Pump MS-8000, MS-10000 and MS-12500