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Aquascape Activated Pond Carbon- 2.2 lbs

Manufacturer: Aquascape
SKU: 80000
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Aquascape Activated Pond Carbon successfully removes discoloration and odors in pond water. Aquascape Activated Pond Carbon is made with bamboo carbon, a sustainable resource with incredible ability to remove discoloration from water. The highly-effective carbon also removes chlorines and chloramines from the water which can prove harmful to pond fish. A re-sealable mesh bag is included for quick and easy application. One scoop treats 25 gallons and the 2.2 lbs full bag will treat 800 gallons total. 

  • Removes discoloration and odors from pond water
  • Made with eco-friendly bamboo carbon
  • Removes chlorine and chloramines
  • Re-sealable mesh bag included
  • 1 bag treats 800 gallons