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Aquascape Medium-Density Rigid Filter Media Mat

Manufacturer: Aquascape
SKU: 80004
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Aquascape Medium Density Rigid Filter Media provides efficient mechanical and biological filtration for your pond. The filter media mat measures 24″ by 39″ and can be easily cut to your desired size and shape using a serrated knife. This allows for installation in a wide variety of skimmer boxes and filters.

Aquascape Medium Density Rigid Filter Media Mats are 1.5″ thick and extremely easy to maintain, only needing to be cleaned periodically. For best results, we recommend combining different densities to maximize mechanical and biological filtration.

  • Provides mechanical and biological filtration
  • Easily cut to your desired shape
  • Medium Density
  • Measures 24″ by 39″
  • Easy to maintain
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