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Atlantic FB3500 Fountain Basin- 35"

Manufacturer: Atlantic
SKU: 92803
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Atlantic FB3500 Fountain Basins support decorative features while concealing water reservoir, pump, plumbing and accessories. Atlantic Fountain Basins are the easiest way for anyone to add a water feature to your landscape, ideal for both the beginners and the professional.

Easily installed, Basins may be set at, above or below grade in landscapes, hardscapes, poolscapes and interiors. Recessed channels allow fast installation of up to 1.5" tubing in the center channel without fear of kinking and crushing. Square corners provide more usable area for decorative toppers. Reinforced injection molded pump access panel provides support without warping or shifting.

  • One piece construction provides exceptional strength.
  • Built-in channels protect plumbing below the top of the basin, no crushing or kinking and fit 11/2" elbows in the center channel.
  • Seven closely spaced cones connect directly to the top panel for greater stability.
  • Topside valve pocket holds adjustment valves and 3-Way Diverters to individually adjust flows above water level.
  • 1.5" conduit recess in perimeter allow for clean installations in surrounding masonry without notching
  • Flat panel accommodates optional AF1000 Automatic Fill Valves.

Capacity:  42 Gallons
Max Pump Flow:  2,000 GPH
Plumbing Size:  Up to 1.5" Hose
Max. Disperse Weight:  600 lbs
Dimensions:  35" L x 35" W x 13" H
Warranty:  Lifetime