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Atlantic-OASE Clear Water System Pond Kits

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A pond should be a little slice of paradise in your backyard. A place to enjoy coffee each morning gazing at the beautiful fish and plants while listening to the tranquil sounds of water cascading down a waterfall. At the end of the day, a place to unwind next to the pond as the light of the sun slowly fades and subtle submerged lighting takes over, revealing a totally new side to your personal paradise.

This paradise isn’t beyond reach, but daily and yearly maintenance may lead to unmet expectations and disappointment. What if maintenance became weekly or monthly, with major cleanouts deferred for years, or eliminated altogether? Imagine a pond system that exceeds your expectations and delivers what you expect, without constant attention, guaranteed. That is the Clear Water System.

The current practice, with the pump in the skimmer and an upflow filter, works very well. It collects floating debris, traps suspended solids and removes toxins through the balance between fish, plants and beneficial bacteria. Your pond will look great and hum along for the season, but this system comes at a cost. The balance that keeps the pond beautiful can shift as waste accumulates on
the bottom. It will need to be removed, usually by draining and “mucking out” the pond, typically once a year. This has become the industry standard here.

There is another way of pondkeeping that concentrates on continually removing heavy solids as they settle, instead of skimming
the surface. This way depends on pumps that sit on the bottom and suck up the muck, sending it to sophisticated filters. The filters
mechanically remove solids, biologically treat wastes then expose the water to ultraviolet light to inhibit the growth of algae. This standard expects pondkeepers to use nets or pond vacuums to remove leaves and floating debris, typically daily. Still not ideal.

What if we could almost eliminate maintenance and just let your pond and fish and plants keep doing their thing year after year? That is what the Clear Water Pond System is all about.

The Clear Water Pond System doesn’t depend on either standard; it combines the best of each. An Atlantic Skimmer removes floating debris before it can sink and keeps the waterfall pump flowing strong. An Oase pump at the bottom pulls in fish waste and sends it to a multistage filter. The EPA-certified filter screens out particulates mechanically, treats toxic ammonia, nitrite and nitrate biologically and clarifies water with ultraviolet light, delivering exquisite water clarity and quality.

Atlantic-Oase Clear Water System Kits are guaranteed to deliver clear water, even with fish loads that leave other ponds murky and dark. The pond you always wanted is as easy as picking a size – all components are expertly matched and everything is included. Routine maintenance is drastically reduced. AquaMax pumps are designed to go years in the bottom without clogging. Filters take minutes to clean, without getting yourself dirty. The UVC bulb takes five minutes to change, once every year or two. The System virtually ends major cleanouts.

This is the pond system you've been waiting for.