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Pond-Free Waterfall Basin Calculator

Determine how many gallons per hour you need to get the flow amount you want on your pond free waterfall.

Pond Waterfall Flow Calculator | Koi Pond Waterfall

Determine how many gallons per hour you need to get the flow amount you want.

Basic Pondless Water Feature Chores
Disappearing Water Feature

Adding a pondless water feature to your yard can be a great investment. Whether you want the pleasant sounds of a bubbling fountain or the ambiance of disappearing waterfalls, these additions can really tie together an outdoor area, especially one …

Aquatic Plants For Water Gardens
aquatic plants

Many new water gardeners make the mistake of adding too few plants to their water garden. As a rule, try to cover about one half of the pond surface with plants. You can use plants like water lilies, water lettuce, and water …

Winter Care of Water Lilies
water lilies

Hardy Water Lilies Once winter approaches and the water temperature of the pond drops, the hardy lilies automatically go dormant. If any new leaves appear, they will be very small and will remain under the water, close to the soil. …

Winterizing Your Pond Plants

For homeowners that have invested in pond plants, pond winterization is a crucial task that needs their attention every fall. Preparing the water features for the winter is the only way to ensure the prized flora starts up again in the spring. While there are …

Choosing Plants for your Water Garden
Water Garden

Choosing pond plants for your water garden should be fun. They are a way to brighten up the space and really turn your backyard pond into a tropical oasis if that is your goal. You can even utilize different aquatic …

10 Flowers that Really Shine in the Fall

 Backyard water and flower gardens often go hand in hand. If you are someone who enjoys creating a beautiful outdoor space, tending these gardens is probably something you look forward to. As the season comes to an end, you are …