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Comet Goldfish

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Comet Goldfish have a vibrant reddish-orange color, are inexpensive to purchase and are readily available in large and small quantities. One of their best qualities is that comet goldfish can be quite personable and are delightful to watch. These beautiful goldfish thrive in garden ponds of 180 gallons or more.

If you're a new pond owner, or if you don't want to devote tons of time to caring for your aquatic life, comet goldfish are a great addition to your pond. They are tough and adaptable and don't require much care in order to thrive. Comet goldfish appreciate having space to swim around, so it's best not to crowd the water with too many bulky plants.

Browse our selection of comet goldfish and decide how many you want to add to your pond today! also has a variety of other goldfish for you to choose from including shubunkin goldfish, fantail calico goldfish and more.

Goldfish and Koi are shipped on Tuesdays to arrive directly at your door on the following day. Orders must be placed the previous Tuesday to allow for proper quarantine and preparation for transportation.

Discounts are available for multiple fish packages. On fish 10" and smaller, we offer a $40.00 discount for each additional package. Please call 866-766-3548 to order.

Orders for fish 10" and smaller shipping to Texas receive a $40.00 discount for the first package and an additional $55.00 discount for each additional package. Please call 866-766-3548 to order.