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CrystalClear SubLime

Manufacturers: CrystalClear , Airmax
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CrystalClear SubLime - 8 oz
Treats 80 Gallons
SKU: CC066-8

CrystalClear SubLime will deep clean basin pits, cracks and crevices to ensure a new appearance all year round. SubLime will also help to prolong the life of fountain pumps by removing limescale and calcium deposits in and around the pump housing. SubLime safely removes limescale and calcium deposits in all models of fountains, bubblers and water features. Its unique, gentle formula allows for use on all substrates: ceramic, cement, plastic, resin and rock.

  • Removes Tough Limescale Stains
  • Keeps Basins Looking New
  • Keeps Pumps & Lines Free-Flowing

Dosage Rate

1 oz of SubLime treats 10 gallons.

Routine Application Rate

Apply SubLime once a week.

Persistent Problem Application Rate

Do not apply SubLime limescale remover at any other rate than the rate prescribed above once a week.

For Best Results

Apply to basin for maximum dispersion. 

8 Ounces Treats:  80 gallons
1 Gallon Treats:  1,280 gallons
Controls:  Lime Scale and Calcium Deposits