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Elevate QuickPrime Plus

Manufacturer: Elevate PondGard
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Elevate QuickPrime Plus - Quart
SKU: W56RAC1695
Elevate QuickPrime Plus Galon
Elevate QuickPrime Plus - Gallon
SKU: W563587041
Elevate QuickPrime Plus - 3 Gallon
SKU: W563587044

Elevate QuickPrime Plus is designed to clean and prime Elevate PondGard EPDM Pond Liners prior to the application of:

  • QuickSeam Cover Strip
  • QuickSeam Splice Tape
  • QuickSeam FormFlash
  • QuickSeam Pipe Flashing
  • QuickSeam Joint Covers
  • QuickSeam Corner Flashing

Elevate QuickPrime Plus may also be used to clean EPDM Pond Liner prior to the application of Elevate Splice Adhesive.

This product requires Haz-Mat Shipping and cannot be shipped UPS Next-Day Air, Second-Day Air or Three-Day Select

Elevate QuickPrime Plus Method of Application

EPDM Pond Liner and other surfaces to be primed must be clean, dry, free of foreign materials and excess dusting agent. Clean with broom or rags if necessary.

Stir QuickPrime Plus thoroughly before and during use. QuickPrime Plus must be applied with a QuickScrubber or QuickScrubber Plus pad and handle using long back and forth strokes with moderate-to-heavy pressure along the length of the area until surfaces become gray in color with no streaking or puddling. Allow the QuickPrime Plus to flash off completely according to the touch-push test (usually less than 10 minutes, flash off time will vary depending on ambient air conditions) before applying QuickSeam products or Lap Sealant. Complete QuickSeam product or Lap Sealant application in accordance with Firestone Specialty Products specifications and details.

Elevate QuickPrime Plus Coverage Rate

Approximately 50- 100 square feet per gallon one side. Coverage rates for various are as follows:

  • 3" QuickSeam Seam Tape: 100-150 linear feet/gallon
  • 6" QuickSeam Cover Tape: 100-150 linear feet/gallon
  • 9" QuickSeam Tape: 50-100 linear feet/gallon