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Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealant- Clear

Manufacturer: United Aquatics
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Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Clear Sealant bonds all materials- even under water! No need to remove fish for curing leaks or adding elements to your pond. Bonds to butyl rubber, glass, plastic, ceramic, stone, wood. Also bonds to concrete with suitable primer. 75 ml bottle.

  • Fish safe
  • Seals under water
  • Instant repair
  • Solvent free
  • Bonds to all surfaces

For best results, clean all surfaces to be free of algae, etc. Pump sealer onto surface to be bonded. Can be used on wet or dry surface and will cure underwater. Do not use on surfaces or in temperatures below 10 degrees C.

For strongest bond, pipe minimum 10 mm wide band around patch and press lightly onto repair area. Do not squash flat as this will impair adhesion. 

Where there is livestock near the sealer, protect from ingestion while curing.