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Happy Koi Pond Kit - 11' x 16'

Manufacturer: Happy Koi
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Have you ever thought about installing your very own water garden but wasn't sure what pond supplies you needed? Happy Koi 11' x 16' Pond Kits are excellent for the do-it-yourself pond enthusiast.

The complete pond kit offers a convenient, easy and affordable way to achieve a beautiful water garden right in your back yard. The Medium Pond Kit includes all the pond supplies you will need to build that beautiful back yard oasis and even comes with detailed instructions that takes you through installing each item step by step.

Happy Koi 11' x 16' Pond Kit includes:

Pond Size:  11' x 16' x 2'
Skimmer:  Waterscapes PS4500 Skimmer
Waterfall Filter:  Waterscapes BF1500 Waterfall Filter
Pond Pump:  OASE Waterfall Pump 3700
EPDM Pond Liner:  15' x 20'
Pond Liner Underlay:  15' x 20'
Tubing:  1 1/4" Diameter x 25' Spiral
Chemicals:  Water Conditioner, Start-Up and Clean-Up Bacteria
Black Waterfall Foam:  1 Can