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Helix Super Strength Bacteria Dry

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Helix Super Strength Bacteria Dry - 8 oz
SKU: 2969
Helix Super Strength Bacteria Dry - 16 oz
SKU: 2970

The Helix Brand SUPER STRENGTH Dry Powdered Bacteria and Enzyme water treatments have been scientifically blended and tested to produce maximum sludge eating, organic reducing results in “ponds, lakes, streams, hybrid Koi ponds and water gardens”. Our personal water treatment line will support clear water, healthy fish, and pristine water quality.

This is the bacteria blend that we recommend for weekly maintenance on PROBLEM PONDS & waterscapes.

The Helix Brand Beneficial Bacteria is of the highest quality and contains electrolytes, enzymes and highly concentrated pro-biotic microbes that are work horses, endlessly consuming build up & sludge, uneaten fish food, fish waste, and additional excess nutrients such as leaf debris, that cause poor water quality, water clarity and ultimately cause fish disease.

Helix Super Strength Beneficial Bacteria is a completely DISSOLVABLE PREMIUM BLEND. With our beneficial bacteria, you can expect the most concentrated water treatment supplement available in its class, at over 100 billion colony forming units per gram!

Use 2 tablespoons per 1000 gallons