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HIBLOW HP-120LL Air Pump

Manufacturer: HIBLOW USA
SKU: 120LL2400P
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HIBLOW HP-120LL Linear Air Pumps perform exceptional in fish ponds, but are also robust enough for septic applications. It is intended for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week and up to 365 days per year. The HP-120LL Air Pump can be rebuilt twice for a fraction of the cost of a new pump, extending the life by many years. Not only is a HIBLOW the highest quality option on the market, but it is also the most cost-effective when considering the repairability and longevity.

The pumps are oil-free which eliminates danger of contamination in your pond. They linear diaphragm design allows for quick and inexpensive repair of worn pumps.  Includes pressure tap location for external alarm sensor.

  • Longest lasting air pump on the market
  • Robust diaphragms offer much longer life and performance others on the market
  • UL Listed for outdoor applications
  • Equipped with thermo overload protection
  • Robust, can handle water depths of up to 10'
  • Quiet and Energy efficient
  • Each HIBLOW Air Pump tested before leaving the factory
  • Includes 90 degree "L" tube, fits 3/8" weighted tubing or 5/8" barb fitting
  • 1-year full warranty on all parts
  • Repairable- can be rebuilt in 15 minutes

Voltage:   110-120V/60Hz
Energy Consumption:   100 watts
Suggested Pond Size   Up to 1 Acre
Max Depth:   10'
Noise Level:   42 dBa
Rated Loading Pressure:   17.7 kPa
Airflow Volume:   120 l/min
Dimensions:   10.08" L x 7.87" W x 8.74" H
Warranty:   1 Year
Tubing (not included):   3/8" Weighted Tubing or 1/2" Vinyl (up to 50')

HP-120LL Flow Chart

HIBLOW USA was incorporated in 2002 to serve as the North, South and Central American distribution subsidiary for Techno Takatsuki Co. As the inventor of linear pump technology, Techno Takatsuki Co. (TTC) has been in the business of electrical and aeration device manufacturing since 1947. TTC has manufacturing facilities in Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines.