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How Do I Fix a Tear in My Pond Liner?

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Have you noticed the water levels in your pond dropping or large patches of wet areas around it? If so, there is a good chance you have a leak in your pond liner. But don’t panic. You probably will not need to purchase a new liner or rebuild your pond. First, you’ll need to find and assess the hole or tear. If it is small you should be able to patch it right up with a pond liner repair kit. If it is a larger tear a little more work may be involved. Here are a few ways to tell what kind of repair will be required.

A hole of 5 inches or less should be able to be fixed by the contents of a pond liner repair kit such as the  Firestone EPDM Pond Liner Repair Kit  This kit contains two 6″ x 6″ patches, QuickPrime adhesive, a scrubber pad, roller and a pair of disposable gloves. To make the most of this kit you should first drain the water from the damaged area and allow it to dry completely. Then apply the QuickPrime onto the damaged area and the patch with the scrubber pad, being sure to wear the protective gloves. Wait until the QuickPrime becomes tacky, pull the backing from the patch, cover the damaged area, and use the wooden roller to flatten the patch. Ensure that the repaired area is completely dry before refilling your pond with water.

For tears or punctures that are more than 5 inches you will need to do a little more work.  Firestone QuickSeam 3" Splice Tape  should do the trick. The pond liner should overlap 3″ to 6″ along the entire length of the splice. Fold the top sheet back and clean the dry mating surfaces. Apply the adhesive with a 3- 4″ thick solvent-resistant paint brush to both mating surfaces at about the same time. Apply in a thick, even, coat with long strokes for a smooth adhesive surface. *Do not use circular motions, paint rollers, spray equipment or mechanical equipment for the application of EPDM liner glue.

Allow the solvents to flash off completely according to the touch-push test (usually less than 30 minutes, flash off time will vary depending on ambient air conditions). Once the pond liner glue has dried, allow the top sheet to fall freely on the bottom sheet to avoid wrinkling the pond liner. Roll the entire lap splice using a 2″ silicone steel hand roller.

If your pond liner has multiple tears, a bit more effort will be required. You will need a pond liner seaming kit, a new piece of liner and protective gloves. First, relocate your fish to a holding tank before draining the pond. Then attach the new piece of pond liner to the damaged one. After you’ve made your repairs and the pond liner glue has dried you can replace the water in your pond and gently return your fish.

If you run into any problems or your pond continues to leak, you may want to reach out to your local pond specialist.