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How to Choose the Right Fish for Your Backyard Pond

Anyone who has invested time and money into a backyard pond will need to do a little research before stocking their pond with the right supplies from wholesales such as You need to understand your pond’s capabilities in order to purchase the right kind of fish. You should never purchase random aquarium fish and hope that they will survive. Koi and Goldfish are the top fish for pond gardens. Here are some things that should be considered before buying fish for your pond.

• Climate/weather: Be aware of the temperature and typical weather fish will be exposed to.
• The size of the pond: Some pond fish can get really big and should be avoided in a small garden pond. Fish need adequate space in order to swim and hide.
• The depth of the pond: Some fish are far more likely to thrive in a pond that has deep areas for them to rest in.
• The pond circulation: Some fish need more oxygen and will need some kind of pond circulation system in order to thrive.
• Winter plans: Will the fish need somewhere else to live during the winter months when then pond freezes over?

After figuring out these details, be ready to look at specific fish. Here are a few fish that work well for just about any pond.

• Comet Goldfish: These are very durable fish that can be found in just about any pet store. They are easy to care for and will grow to be a good size for a pond fish – about 12” long. This is a great choice for a pond beginner.
• Mosquito Fish: These fish are silver in color and do well in large or small ponds. They are little, so they can thrive in a small pond, but they eat surface material, which makes them beneficial to a large pond.
• Koi: This type of fish would be best for someone that really understands their pond and have a cycled pond. If Koi are properly cared for they can live very long lives. They get quite big and come in a lot of colors, so they can be very enjoyable in a pond.

Having fish in your pond is a big responsibility. Make sure you are up to the task and that your pond will make a suitable home. Do you have any pond fish that you recommend? Please let us know here!