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IlluminFX 4-Light High Output Fiber Optic System

Manufacturer: IlluminFX
SKU: IFX-7404
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Put light in places never before thought possible. Shallow stream beds, uplit marginal plants, beautifully illuminated water lilies... all made possible with IlluminFx, offering the first fiber optic lighting kit designed specifically for ponds and water features. A nighttime paradise - right in your own backyard!

Fiber Optic Lighting for Ponds and Water Features

A specialized light source located in a box called an Illuminator sits outside the pond. Up to sixteen separate fiber optic light cables are bundled together at one end into a common fitting and placed in front of the light source. Light shines into the end of the fiber optic cables, travels through the cables, and out the other end, illuminating whatever the designer wishes to light up. Fixtures attached to the end of the cables can be placed underwater, next to the water, in between rocks, or almost anywhere in or out of the pond.

High Light Output kits include a 150W metal halide illuminator with rated lamp life of 6000 hours. Each fiber optic cable contains twice as many fibers as our popular Series 2 and Series 6. Includes two 20' and two 30' cables.


Bulb Type:  150W Metal Halide
Number of Lights:  4
Bulb Life:  6,000 Hours
Volts:  120
Watts:  250
Amps:  4.4
Hz:  60
Stands:  4
Stand Base Diameter:  3 1/2"
Stand OAH:  3 5/16"
Fiber Head (fixture) Diameter:  1/2"
Fiber Optic Cable Length:  (2) 20' Cables
 (2) 30' Cables