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IlluminFx Fiber Optic Lighting

Brighten up your pond or water garden with sensational fiber optic lights from Our lluminFX Fiber Optic Pond Lighting has a variety of great features that make them the optimal pond lights for your backyard pond:

  • These pond lights have a specialized light source enclosed in a box called an illuminator.
  • Up to sixteen individual fiber optic cables are bundled together at one end and terminate in front of the light source inside the illuminator.
  • No heat or electricity travels through the fibers, making fiber safe for many environments.
  • A color wheel can be placed between the pond light source and the fiber to create colored light.
  • The wheel may be stopped at one color or may rotate continuously from color to color.
  • Use these pond lights underwater, next to the water, out of the water, between rocks or virtually anywhere one wishes to place them.
  • 1 pond light bulb is able to illuminate up to 16 separate fixtures, placed in and around the pond.
  • IlluminFX Fiber Optic Lighting Kit includes; illuminator with 4-color wheel, pre-cut, pre-assembled fiber optic cable harness, designated number of fixtures, installation & maintenance manuals.

Nighttime is one of the best times to enjoy your pond - discover the many functions of pond lights and choose your favorites today!