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Incorporating Your Pond into Your Landscape

Adding a pond to the backyard sounds like a great idea. In fact, this addition to the landscape will increase the beauty of the outdoor space, assuming that a few key considerations are addressed before any of the work commences. The ultimate goal is to incorporate the brand new pond into the existing landscape. It is also important to have all of the necessary tools to make the pond great. has all of the equipment needed to make the pond perfect.

What’s the Function of the Pond?

Will it be stocked with fish to provide amusement for the kids? Is the idea to create a permanent wading pond? Defining the function will make it easier to settle on the specifics of the pond design.

What About the Scale and Shape?

Ponds can be in just about any size or shape desired. A good rule of thumb is to think about the other ways that the backyard is used regularly. Allow room for children to play, a place for cookouts, and even some room for a vegetable or flower garden. With those functions in mind, it will be easier to determine the size and the shape for the pond.

Where Will the Pond Go?

Placement also matters when it comes to incorporating a pond into the backyard. Ideally, the pond should be one of the points of interest in the space. At the same time, it should blend in with the elements already in place. For example, if there is a small stand of trees near one corner of the yard, placing the pond in that general area would create a setting that looks very natural.

Are There Practical Considerations?

Along with function, placement, scale, and shape, the homeowner also wants to think about the practical aspects of adding a pond to the space. What areas of the yard would make it easy to connect the pond to a water supply? What would it take to allow easy access to the pump that helps to circulate the water? What shapes would make it easy to skim the pond and also to change the filters?

Once these questions are answered, creating and implementing a design that is beautiful and easy to maintain will come easily.