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Kasco 1/2 HP 120V Deicer

Manufacturer: Kasco Marine
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Kasco 1/2 HP 120V Deicer - 25' Suspension Ropes
SKU: 2400D025
Kasco 1/2 HP 120V Deicer - 50' Suspension Ropes
SKU: 2400D050
Kasco 1/2 HP 120V Deicer - 100' Suspension Ropes
SKU: 2400D100

The high-performance motor in the 2400D de-icer creates large amounts of water flow that will prevent ice formation and protect property from the damages of ice jacking and expansion pressure. The unit will also allow oxygen to enter the water in the winter providing improved water quality and habitat and helping avoid devastating winter kill of fish.  A single 2400D unit can keep a circle of water open up to 50ft. in diameter.

Product Information 

  • High-efficiency design means low power compensation and low operating costs
  • Heavy-duty motor and corrosion resistant design; suitable for salt-water or other corrosive environments
  • Safety Tested: ETL listed to UL and CSA Standards, 50Hz model is CE marked
  • An easily replaced protective sacrificial zinc anode included with each unit
  • Low maintenance and dependable design
  • Backed by a two-year warranty
  • Cord Length 25ft,50ft,100ft
  • Minimum Depth 4ft
Part Number Cord Length Voltage Phase Controller Min. Depth Amps Thrust
2400D025 25 ft. 120 1 Optional - C10 or C20 4 ft. 5 26 lbs.
2400D050 50 ft. 120 1 Optional - C10 or C20 4 ft. 5 26 lbs.
2400D100 100 ft. 120 1 Optional - C10 or C20 4 ft. 5 26 lbs.

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