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Kasco Marine 1/2HP Pond Circulators

Manufacturer: Kasco Marine
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Kasco 1/2HP Pond Circulator- 50' Cord
SKU: 2400CF-50
Kasco 1/2HP Pond Circulator- 25' Cord
SKU: 2400CF-25
Kasco 1/2HP Pond Circulator- 100' Cord
SKU: 2400CF-100
Kasco 1/2HP Pond Circulator- 150' Cord
SKU: 2400CF-150
Kasco 1/2HP Pond Circulator- 200' Cord
SKU: 2400CF-200

Kasco Marine Pond Circulators offer excellent performance across a wide range of depths and are compatible with all relatively shallow water depths of 2½' or greater. The circulator/de-icer's included horizontal float accommodates motor mounting on one of five positions for water movement to depth of up to 18 feet.

Horizontal Flotation Kit is a superior way to create elongated patterns of water movement. Place unit less than 2 feet below the water's surface, ideal for shallow water or where dock mounting is not available. It has 5 angled mounting positions to match virtually every need.


  • Control Debris.
  • Prevent winter kills by keeping an area open for oxygen transfer.
  • Protect docks and boats from ice damage in the winter months.
  • Prevent Stagnation.
  • Eliminate Thermal Stratification
  • Inhibit Mosquito Growth.
  • Extend waterfowl hunting in the north by keeping areas ice free.
  • Can control specific undesirable plants including algae.
  • Limits mosquito and insectreproduction.
  • Special dock mount is optional.
  • De-gases in recirculation systems as well as incoming water supply.
  • Ideal for supplemental or continuous aeration.
  • Includes flotation kit and two 50' braided nylon mooring ropes.

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Horsepower:  1/2 HP
Voltage:  120 Volts
Amps:  5 Amps
Watts:  600 Watts
Minimum Water Depth:  2 1/2"
Warranty:  2 Year Limited