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Little Giant 10W Egglite w/ Transformer

Manufacturer: Little Giant
SKU: 517400
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Little Giant 10W Egglite w/ Transformer is designed to disappear into the installation so the dramatic beauty of the light itself is enjoyed. It's a great way to add nighttime beauty to any water feature, pond, fountain and landscaping.


Designed for above ground or fully submerged use

Features and Benefits:

Suitable for freshwater, salt or chlorinated water

Can also be wired to an existing 12V power source

Transformer powers up to 6 10 Watts Egglites or mix with 20 Watts EggLites up to 60 Watts total output


60 Watt Transformer

10 Watt halogen EggLite with magnetic base

4 interchangeable dichroic-colored lenses *blue, red, yellow and green