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OASE AquaOxy 450 Aeration Pump

Manufacturer: OASE
SKU: 50041
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The OASE AquaOxy 450 aeration pump helps establish and maintain a healthy pond environment with good water quality. Set this pond aerator pond-side and let the increased oxygen levels in your pond water supercharge the pond's biological processes. Unlike many of the cheaper products on the market, all components are rated for outdoor use.

  • Membrane-based air injection pump
  • Includes two heavy-duty non-clogging air stone and air tubing
  • Ultra fine bubble dispersion
  • Safe 12V operation. Includes in-line transformer
  • 2 year warranty
Maximum Air Injection   450 GPH
Output Pressure  3.6 PSI
Recommended Pond Size  Up to 5,000 Gallons
Air Stones  2
Air Tubing 2 x 15'
Power Consumption 25 Watts
Operating Voltage  12V / 60 Hz
Power Cable 15'
Dimensions (L x W x H)  8.9" x 8.8" x 5.3"
Warranty  2 Years
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