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OASE BioCompact 50 Aquarium Filter

Manufacturer: OASE
SKU: 55142
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The BioCompact line of internal filters is perfect for small freshwater aquariums and paludariums. These compact filters are designed to be discreetly installed horizontally or vertically. BioCompact uses biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration for optimal water quality and clarity. The inclusion of activated carbon granules optimizes your aquarium filtration by removing toxins. The diffuser with adjustable flow control provides added aeration through increased surface agitation. In addition, the BioCompact 50 has dual suction to prevent clogging.

BioCompact 50 is suitable for use in aquariums up to 15 gallons. Designed using German engineering and manufactured in Italy, this energy efficient filter is supported by a 3 year warranty.

What’s in the Box – Aquarium Filter, filter media, diffuser, suction cups, and power cable

Dimensions 3.3 x 2 x 4.6 in.
Rated Voltage 115V / 60 Hz
Power Consumption of the Filter 4 Watts
Power Cord Length 6 ft
Net Weight 0.6 lbs.
Maximum Flow Rate 60 GPH
Maximum Head Height 1.3 ft.
Filter Volume 0.05 Gallons
Suitable for Maximum Aquarium Volume 15 Gallons
Suitable for fresh water only
Warranty 3 years