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OASE BioPress 1000 Pond Filter

Manufacturer: OASE
SKU: 45451
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OASE BioPress 1000 Pond Filter ensures a clear pond for your enjoyment and the health of surrounding wildlife. The pressure filter, with built-in UV Clarifier, is ideal for waterfalls with higher elevations. It offers mechanical and biological cleaning, and promises fast and thorough transformation of green water. The BioPress UVC is easy to operate and requires little upkeep. Filter foam and bio-media provides a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to settle. When used in conjunction with the BioPress UVC, the AquaMax Eco Classic or AquaMax Eco Premium qualify for the OASE Clear Water Guarantee. Enjoy!

BioPress 1000 also incorporates a 7 watt UV Clarifier which aids in keeping the pond clean and clear.

Maximum Pond Size: (Light Fish Load)  1,000 gallons
Maximum Pond Size: (Medium Fish Load)  500 gallons
Maximum Pond Size: (Heavy Fish Load)  250 gallons
Maximum Flow Rate:    1,050 GPH
Maximum Input Pressure        7.25 PSI
Maximum Pump Head Pressure:      17' 
Intake Connection:       1.5" threaded, male
Outlet Connections:  1.5" threaded, male
Tubing Connection Fittings (MM):  3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2"
Power Cord Length:  10'
Power Consumption       8 watts
Dimensions:  9" diameter x 13.25" tall
Warranty:  2 Years