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OASE Clear Water Guarantee

OASE has engineered the best pumps, filters and UV clarifiers to ensure you have consistently clear water and minimal maintenance.

The OASE products are marked with the Clear Water Guarantee icon. When properly used in conjunction, these specialized products become a Clear Water Guarantee system.

By using a Clear Water Guarantee system, OASE guarantees that when a tape measure is placed vertically into the pond to a depth of 3 feet, the water will be clear enough to read the 1 inch at the tip of the tape measure.

How the Program Works:

  • Choose the correct Clear Water Guarantee products based on pond size and fish stocking level based on the OASE Clear Water Guarantee Sizing Chart
  • Install the correct Clear Water Guarantee products per the installation instructions
  • Perform the recommended maintenance
    • Clean the filters as needed
    • Replace the UVC bulb annually