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Oase StreamMax Classic Aquarium Pumps

Manufacturer: OASE
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Picture of Oase StreamMax Classic 2000
Oase StreamMax Classic 2000
SKU: 33958
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Picture of Oase StreamMax Classic 4000
Oase StreamMax Classic 4000
SKU: 33975
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Picture of Oase StreamMax Classic 5000
Oase StreamMax Classic 5000
SKU: 33981
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StreamMax Classic stream pumps promote a healthy environment for aquarium fish and plant life by creating water currents that mimic a natural environment. These currents create aeration which help eliminate anoxic (or low oxygen) dead zones in your aquarium. Easily adjust the water flow rate based on the individual needs of your aquarium’s plants and inhabitants.

These quiet, compact pumps can be discreetly placed anywhere in your aquarium and adjusted by 90° for easy positioning and for directing water flow. Designed with German engineering and manufactured in Italy, this pump is protected with a 3 year warranty.