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Oase OxyMax Aquarium Pump

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Picture of Oase OxyMax 100
Oase OxyMax 100
SKU: 75602
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Picture of Oase OxyMax 200
Oase OxyMax 200
SKU: 75603
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Picture of Oase OxyMax 400
Oase OxyMax 400
SKU: 75605
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OxyMax air pumps with adjustable flow control provides your aquarium with constant steady air flow. Suitable for both marine and freshwater tanks, this pump is designed with vibration resistant rubber feet and rubber eye hook, and insulated housing to prevent excess vibration and noise.

Customize the bubble pattern with the adjustable diffuser. With the pump's rubber feet and eye hook you can install the OxyMax either horizontally or vertically depending on your aquarium setup. Designed using German engineering, this pump is protected with a 3 year warranty.