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Pond Logic ClearPAC Golf

Manufacturer: Airmax
SKU: 700130
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Pond Logic ClearPAC Golf is specifically designed for golf courses. Pond Logic ClearPAC Golf includes everything you need to keep your golf course pond looking its best. Pre-measured Black DyeMond Pond Dye Packets simplify dye application while PondClear and MuckAway keep your water clear and shorelines clear of muck.

The ClearPAC Golf treats 1/4 acre pond for up to 6 months and includes:

  • 24 packets of PondClear
  • 8 scoops of MuckAway
  • 1 quart of Black DyeMond Pond Dye

How to Use ClearPAC Golf:

STEP 1: Add Black DyeMond Pond Dye. Repeat every 4-8 weeks, or as needed. No temperature restrictions.
STEP 2: Add PondClear and MuckAway together every 2 weeks when water temperatures are above 50°F.