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Pond Logic Single Carbonic Hardness Test Strip

Manufacturer: Airmax
SKU: 160124
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Pond Logic Single Carbonic Hardness Test Strip is a must prior to applying certain algaecides and herbicides in your pond. Carbonic Water Hardness greater than 50ppm helps fish that are sensitive to chemical treatments. Harder water assists your pond in controlling varying pH levels and will prevent heavy metal impurities from killing your fish. In addition, harder water usually breeds higher alkalinity levels that will absorb acidic pond content without changing pH, thus keeping your fish safe. These test strips are simple to use and will work in just a matter of minutes.

  • Tests Water Hardness From 0 to 1000 PPM
  • Helps Diagnose Your Pond Water
  • Quick & Easy To Use

How To Use Carbonic Hardness Test Strip:

Dip into the water sample for 3 seconds. Remove from the water and do not shake. Wait 20 seconds and match the color in the packet to the color block on the other side of the packet. Colors are stable for 1 minute.