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Pond Pro Large Disappearing Waterfall Kit

Manufacturer: Pond Pro
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Limited Time- Buy a Pond Pro Disappearing Waterfall Kit and Receive a Free Book, The R.I.S.E. Method by Rick Bartel, A How-To Guide for Designing Natural Appearing Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls

Disappearing waterfalls can create a beautiful and exotic addition to your backyard pond. First-time pond owners may be intimidated by the thoughts of creating one, but with a Pond Pro disappearing waterfall pump kit from, building waterfalls is easy!

Each Pond Pro Large Disappearing Waterfall Kit includes all the supplies you need to create up to a 12' L x 36" W waterfall or stream. When you purchase a large waterfall pump kit, you receive:


Waterfall or Stream Size:  12' L x 36" W
Pump Size:  5,150 GPH
Weir Width:  36"
Liner Size:  10' x 25'
Underlay Size:  10' x 25'
Tubing Size:  35' x 1.5"
Black Waterfall Foam:  2 Cans
Basin Size:  8' L x 8' W x 2' H