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Pond Pro Small Disappearing Waterfall Kit

Manufacturer: Pond Pro
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Limited Time- Buy a Pond Pro Disappearing Waterfall Kit and Receive a Free Book, The R.I.S.E. Method by Rick Bartel, A How-To Guide for Designing Natural Appearing Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls

Disappearing waterfalls can create a beautiful and exotic addition to your backyard pond. First-time pond owners may be intimidated by the thoughts of creating one, but with disappearing waterfall kits from, building waterfalls is easy!

Each Small Disappearing Waterfall Kit includes all the supplies you need to create up to a 4' L x 14" W waterfall or stream. When you purchase a small waterfall kit, you receive:


Waterfall or Stream Size:  4' L x 14" W
Pump Size:  2,300 GPH
Weir Width:  14"
Liner Size:  10' x 15'
Underlay Size:  10' x 15'
Tubing Size:  25' x 1.5"
Black Waterfall Foam:  1 Can
Basin Size:  5' L x 5' W x 2' H