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Pond Pumps

Waterfall and fish pond pumps are the heart of the water garden. They not only create the pleasant effect of running water but also aerate the pond and circulate water through the filtration system - keeping it clean. There are four different types of water garden pumps defined by what function they serve. Click on any of these fish or waterfall pumps on this page to learn more, and find the one that meets your needs today!

Direct Drive fish pond pumps offer more power than Mag Drive pumps, but use more electricity. Best used for large waterfalls and streams.

Mag Drive pond pumps are more efficient than Direct Drive pumps but are not as powerful. Best used for waterfalls and streams.

Statuary pond pumps are used to power fountains, spitters, and other stand-alone creative applications.

External Drive fish pond pumps offer lots of water flow and must be installed outside the water.

Wondering how powerful of a pump to purchase? Use our helpful Total Head Pressure Calculator to discover the amount of force your waterfall pumps will need to overcome in order to function effectively.

The Total Head Pressure Calculator takes into account the resistance of vertical lift, the length of the pipe you're using, the fittings that are in place. You want to purchase fish pond pumps or waterfall pumps that exceed your needs - you can always adjust a pump's flow if it's too great, but you cannot increase its capacity.

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