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Pondmaster Air Diffuser Kit

Manufacturer: Pondmaster
SKU: 14575
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Pondmaster Air Diffuser Kit handles your pond and pond air pump with large tubing connections. Membrane designs are easier to clean than traditional airstones.

For Summer Use: The Diffuser will work best when placed at the center in the deepest part of the pond in summer. The rising bubbles will lift and aerate bottom water, allowing oxygen to penetrate sediments and optimize waste decomposition. This will also keep stagnant de-oxygenated layers from forming deep in the pond, and effectively circulate the entire pond if properly sized.

For Winter Use: Your Diffuser is ideal for keeping a hole open in ice during winter, but the Diffuser should not be placed in deep water. Rather, place the Diffuser in weighted Ballast Bag in no more than 16 inches of water at perimeter of pond farthest from deep end or deepest pocket. This will ensure that the circulation from the Diffuser will not super-cool the water, which is warmest in the deepest part of the pond.

  • Designed for use with Pondmaster AP-20 and AP-40 Air Pumps
  • Kit includes 6" Straight Air Diffuser and 20' of 5/8" Tubing
  • Also includes 1/2" barb connector, 1/2" barb plug
  • Diffusers stay down easily by filling supplied 9" x 16" nylon bags with gravel (gravel not included)
  • Membrane designs are easier to clean than traditional air stones
  • Recommended tubing sizes: 1/2" and 5/8"
  • 16 square inches of surface area
Tubing:  5/8"
Tubing Length:  20'
Diffuser Length:  6"
Air Pump Models:  AP-20 & AP-40
Bag Dimensions:  16" L x 9" W