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Pondmaster ClearGuard 2700 Filter with UV

Manufacturer: Pondmaster
SKU: 05615
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Pondmaster ClearGaurd 2700 Pressurized Pond Filters combine biological and mechanical filtration media for maximum water clarity and healthier fish ponds. The integrated ultraviolet clarifier eliminates green water caused by floating single cell algae.

  • Easy-to-use and versatile pond filter with 7 functions: filter, backwash, rinse, empty, circulate and close
  • Pondmaster Small Backwash Kit recommended to facilitate filter maintenance
  • Reusable filter pad removes fine floating debris and polishes pond water
  • Includes integrated 9 watt UV light
  • Includes barbed and slip fittings
  • 1 year warranty
Maximum Pond Size:  2,700 gallons
Integrated UV Clarifier:  9 watts
Maximum Pump Capacity:    3,000 GPH
Maximum Input Pressure        15 PSI
Maximum Pump Head Pressure:      34.6' 
Tubing Connection Fittings (MM):  1 1/2" Slip & Barb (UL)
Dimensions:  17.5" diameter x 19" tall
Recommended Backwash Air System:  Pondmaster Small Air Kit
Warranty:  1 Year