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Premium 7" Steel Gun Foam Applicator

Manufacturer: Handy Foam
SKU: F61077
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Make the water go where you want it to with the Premium 7" Steel Gun Foam Applicator. The heavy duty 7" Steel Foam Dispenser Gun provides precise bead control for filling and sealing under & between waterfall rocks with black waterfall foam. all-metal barrel dispensing unit designed for the professional contractor for frequent use. This gun allows for adjustable bead control, is solvent resistant, includes a non-stick teflonized basket and needle valve, increasing the longevity of the dispensing unit. Using the Gun Cleaner is highly recommended after using waterfall foam with this dispenser gun.

For Use With:  Black Waterfall Foam- 29 oz
Size:  7"
Cleaner:  Foam Dispenser Gun Cleaner