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Ruby Gardner Lotus- 16" Pot

Manufacturer: Generic
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The Ruby Gardner (Nelumbo nucifera) flowering lotus plant is perfect for beginners. Full sized (5'-6') single-flowered soft pink lotus. It is very hardy and tolerates a wide  range of conditions. Although the Lotus, a relative of the water lily, may appear exotic and fragile; it is actually a durable perennial. This water plant that will grow well in almost any water garden environment. As different varieties can spread more broadly than others, it is important to choose the correct variety of lotus for the  available space in your pond.

Shipped as a dormant, 1 year-old, container grown lotus directly to your door in a large 16" x 7" pot. This plant will contain multiple lotus tubers (rhizomes), and is just waiting for warm weather to burst out with new leaves and flowers! Shipping lotus this way virtually guarantees success, as all the difficult work has been done for you! Planting instructions are included, and can also be viewed below. These lotus are available from February 3rd until sometime in mid to late April when the plant starts to put up aerial leaves and is no longer shippable. Order Early! This exclusive program is being offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and supplies are limited.

  • No more expensive bare root failures
  • Grow fantastic show quality lotus the very first year
  • Delivered to your door ready to grow