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Savio 6' x 10' Pond Package

Manufacturer: Savio
SKU: PP550
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Savio Pond Kits from are perfect for a small backyardyard. These pond kits come with a variety of Savio Pond Products such as a plumbing kit, a Savio Pond Skimmer and much more. Savio Pond Kits are perfect for the do it yourself pond enthusiast. They are equipped with the Savio Pond Products you need to build the pond of your dreams. Choose the Savio Pond Kit that meets your needs today!

The 6' x 10" Savio Pond Kit includes:

  • 10' x 15' 45 mil. EPDM Liner
  • 10' x 15' Underlay
  • Compact Skimmerfilter® w/ 6" Faceplate
  • 16" Waterfall Weir
  • Water Master™ Solids Pump
  • 1" x 25' Kink Free Pipe
  • Construction Guide
  • Plumbing Kit

Product Information Downloads

Pond Size:  6' x 10' x 2'
Pond Capacity (estimated):  500 Gallons
Skimmer:  Savio Skimmerfilter
Waterfall Filter:  Savio Waterfall Filter
Pond Pump:  1,450 GPH Savio WMS Pump
Liner:  10' x 15'
Underlay:  10' x 15'
Tubing:  1" Diameter x 25' Spiral
Chemicals:  Dechlorinator, Start-Up and Clean-Up Bacteria
Black Waterfall Foam:  1 Can