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Skunk Scram- 5.5 lb Shaker Jug

Manufacturer: Epic
SKU: 20206
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Skunk Scram -- America’s Finest granular skunk repellent -- is specifically designed to stop -- and prevent -- damage caused by skunks digging and feeding in urban and suburban settings. Skunks are also among the major carriers of the rabies virus, as well as the host for canine parvo virus found in pets. When spooked or fearful, skunks emit a powerful, pungent spray that is overpowering and nauseating.

Skunk Scram targets the nocturnal activity of skunks, which increases in the spring. Skunks dig and damage lawns and gardens, ripping up turf and turning surface soils in a single night in search for insects such as grubs, earthworms and other soil-borne insects. Skunks also burrow under and near sound objects such as building foundations, rock piles, patios, decks and crawl spaces.

Skunk Scram is a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients that repels skunks and alters their environment in two ways: their food tastes bad, and their tunnels and surrounding soil become bad-smelling -- all this while Skunk Scram is safe for animals, pets and people.

Skunk Scram’s all-natural, granular ingredients combine to deter and repel skunks, training them to stay away from treated areas. Skunk Scram works in any season, is environmentally safe, and won't harm animals, people or plants.

Treats up to 3,500 Sqft