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Snake Scram- 5.5 lb Shaker Jug

Manufacturer: Epic
SKU: 16006
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Snake Scram -- America’s Finest granular snake repellent -- is an all-natural, organic repellent for getting rid of snakes found in stone piles, wood piles, around foundations of homes, garages, barns, sheds, in gardens, flower beds, pools and landscaping, and near pools.

Snake Scram’s granular and green, all-natural formula deters snakes through their sense of smell. The organic ingredients deliver a distasteful odor interpreted by the snake to cause it to retreat and stay away from treated areas.

Snake Scram granular snake repellent help protect you, your children and your pets from unwanted contact -- and alarm! -- with snakes of all kinds. Don’t let snakes scare you! Keep them away from concealed areas, paths, storage sites, carports and more!

Treats up to 3,500 Sqft