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SuperNatural SupaClear

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SuperNatural SupaClear- 16 oz
SuperNatural SupaClear- 16 oz
Treats 9,600 Gallons
SKU: 35.1015
SuperNatural SupaClear- 32 oz
SuperNatural SupaClear- 32 oz
Treats 19,200 Gallons
SKU: 35.1016
SuperNatural SupaClear- Gallon
SuperNatural SupaClear- Gallon
Treats 76,800 Gallons
SKU: 35.1017
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Don't just clean your pond SupaClear your pond or water feature.  SuperNatural SupaClear is a unique and proprietary formula developed to completely clear water within 24-48 hours of application by removing suspended and attached debris on surfaces within the pond. SupaClear will "FIX" the single biggest problem facing pond owners quickly and efficiently.

  • Clears Water in Up to 24-48 Hours of Application
  • 9% Formula for Fast Clearing
  • Can be Used in Ponds Containing Fish and Plants