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Swing Check Valves

Manufacturer: Generic
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Swing Check Valve- 3/4" Threaded
SKU: KSC-0750-T
Swing Check Valve- 1 1/4" Threaded
SKU: KSC-1250-T
Swing Check Valve- 1 1/2" Threaded
SKU: KSC-1500-T
Swing Check Valve- 1 1/2" Slip
SKU: KSC-1500-S
Swing Check Valve- 2" Threaded- Clear
SKU: 1520C20F
Swing Check Valve- 2" Slip
SKU: KSC-2000-S
Swing Check Valve- 3" Slip
SKU: KSC-3000-S

Check valves are essential when using a waterfall filter in conjunction with a pond skimmer. The check valve will prevent water from the filter from back-flowing into the skimmer when the pump is switched off. Check valves are also essential when an external pump is being used. The Check Valve prevents the water from draining back into the pond or reservoir, keeping the external pump primed with water.