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Microbe-Lift TAC Dry Bacteria

Manufacturer: Microbe-Lift
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TAC Dry Bacteria- 8 Oz
TAC Dry Bacteria- 8 oz
TAC Dry Bacteria- 25 Lbs
TAC Dry Bacteria- 25 lbs
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The MICROBE-LIFT/TAC has powdered activated carbon which is well known for its abilities to clarify water by providing a point surface for bacteria to grow on. It then acts as a weighting agent to help these bacteria settle to the bottom, thus removing turbidity associated with dispersed bacteria. The carbon also acts as a detoxifier by adsorbing micro amounts of toxic materials; i.e. pesticides that can make their way into a pond. MICROBE-LIFT/TAC also has sodium bicarbonate-a buffer that can help stabilize the pH. 

MICROBE-LIFT/TAC has sea salt that helps to induce a protective slime layer on fish.MICROBE-LIFT/TAC dry formulation has no odor.While MICROBE-LIFT/PL has become the #1 pond clarifier asked for by brand name, there have been, and will always be, people who prefer products in a dry powder form.  Because there are opportunities to formulate certain dry components into a dry product that would not be practical to mix into a liquid, Ecological Laboratories has developed MICROBE-LIFT/TAC. 

Item # Treats
8 oz
80-250 gal pond 28wks
16 oz
500 gal pond 16 wks
3 lb
750 gal pond  32 wks
5 lb
2,000 gal pond 20 wks
25 lb
Extra large pond and water features