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Tsurumi 3PN Pump

Manufacturer: Tsurumi
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Tsurumi 3PN Water Feature Pumps have a long-standing reputation in our industry of quality and reliability- and for good reason. Tsurumi Pumps consistently out-perform and out-last other, lesser built pumps.

  • Great for powering fish ponds, waterfalls and streams
  • Can handle larger solids that would clog other pumps
  • Engineered for higher head pressures found in taller and larger features
  • Vertical design works with most pond skimmers
  • Durable, resin molded parts for longer pump life
  • Two Year Warranty

Max Flow:  4,260 GPH
Max Head:  30'
Voltage:  115V, 60 Hz
Watts:  529
Amperage:  4.6
Discharge Outlet:  2" 
Cord Length:  20'
Dimensions:  9"L x 6"W x 14"H
Warranty:  2 Years



GPH per foot of Head
5' 10' 15' 20'
Do Not Operate 3,180 2,610 1,800