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What Does a Pond UV Clarifier Do?

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When you are purchasing all of the necessary equipment for your backyard pond it can be overwhelming and confusing. Do I need this? What does that do? Is that just an add-on or do I really need it? These are probably some of the questions running through your head while you are shopping at your garden supplies store. It helps to understand what purpose all of these tools serve, and if you have the kind of water garden that actually requires them. For example, if you have a small water feature without pond fish, you probably do not need an aerator. Here we go into more detail about what purpose a pond UV clarifier serves to help you determine if it will be an added benefit for your pond.

A pond clarifier assists with pond filtration. They provide UV light to kill algae (green water) and other organisms that are toxic to your pond. As water passes through the rays of the UV lamp located inside each unit, it makes algae clump together so it can be removed by the pond’s filter, eliminating green water. The high intensity light also works to kill other unwanted microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses. This is an especially beneficial tool if your pond contains fish, as it helps kill the harmful emissions they leave behind as well as protecting them from disease.

If you have pond fish, you may want to use your pond UV clarifier year round. Be sure to keep it protected from frost if you live in a climate that sees lower temperatures. For a smaller pond you may only need to utilize one when the weather starts to warm up; this is when fish are starting to become more active.

It is important that your clarifier is properly sized for your pond and flow rate to ensure proper operation. Pushing too much water past the UV Bulb will not allow sufficient time for the UV rays to damage or kill algae cells as they pass through the clarifier. If too little water passes through the light or if the UV Clarifier is too small for the pond, the amount of algae being killed may be lower than the reproduction rate of the remaining algae in the pond resulting in no noticeable change in water clarity.

In combination with a quality pond filter, a pond clarifier can be just what your pond or water garden needs to remain vital and healthy for years to come.