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When to Add Water to Your Pond

Knowing when it is time to add water to your pond is as important to maintaining overall pond health as having the right pond supplies. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether you should add water to your pond or let the water level drop a little bit. At we are the experts in pond health and maintenance. Here we share some things to consider when adding or subtracting water in your pond.

How do you go about making the decision to add water or not? First, determine your pond type.

Ecosystem Ponds

These all-natural water gardens can be tricky. You need to maintain a healthy balance for the bacteria, algae, and living organisms. That requires having the right amount of water. Too much, or too little can throw off the ph balance, oxygen in the water, and even the temperature. Your natural ecosystem pond should have just enough water so that it is not overflowing the banks. If it is low, add to it. If it is too high, consider draining a little off.

Preformed & Contained Ponds

These are considerably more sensitive than their ecosystem counterparts. It is much more important to balance your water levels within preformed and contained ponds because they are enclosed. That means that what you put into it will remain within it until you remove it. They are also more prone to evaporation during the warmer months of the year. Because of this, it is a good idea to add water once a week. Use your skimmer as a reference point and try and set your water level to about 1/4-inch below the edge of the skimmer’s mouth.

When you go to fill your pond, you can use regular water from the hose without needing to add any dechlorinator. Just be sure that you are not adding more than 20% volume otherwise you will chlorinate the water and could kill off fish, algae, and other organisms that make your pond their home. There are many water treatment products available to help keep the water in your pond healthy.

Whether you are tending to an ecosystem pond or a contained pond, just remember to keep an eye on water levels to keep your pond healthy and functioning properly.