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Wild Hog Scram- 10 lb Bucket

Manufacturer: Epic
SKU: 20001
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Wild Hog Scram -- America’s Finest™ granular wild hog (feral pig) repellent -- is designed to stop and repel wild hogs (feral pigs). No other animal in United States causes more damage to crops, woodlands, levees, rights of way and landscapes of almost any kind. Their feeding habits and the damage they cause can be widespread. As few as 10 hogs can destroy 20 to 30 acres of landscape in one night along with property fencing, feeders and water troughs.

Wild Hog Scram’s all-natural, granular formula deters wild hogs and feral pigs, the most destructive and invasive animal species in the United States. Their rooting and wallowing causes damage that extends across local ecosystems, wrecking yards, lawns, landscapes, gardens and woodlands. and hunting animals like birds and amphibians to near extinction.

Wild Hog Scram’s dual-action formula changes the taste of foods wild hogs and feral pigs eat -- worms, insects, tubers, roots and bulbs in the soil -- while making the soils smell bad. The only way to stop wild hogs and feral pigs is to get rid of them! Wild Hog Scram works in any season, is environmentally safe, and won't harm animals, people, plants or soils.

Treats up to 5,500 Sqft